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Here at Superior Trades, our technicians have over 70 years of shared experience in electrical. We love this beautiful Okanagan Valley that we live in! We want to help you capture the countless rays of sunlight we receive every year so you can lower your monthly energy bill.


Reduce your house's energy bill. Protect yourself against FortisBC's high yearly rate increases.


Looking to offset your large energy consumption and reduce your environmental footprint in the community?


Battery systems for your house, cabin, RV, Trailer, and more! Set up a complete off-grid installation or just simply have a battery back up system.


How it works..

Tired of an ever increasing energy bill from FortisBC? We are too.


During our conversation with you, our appreciated customer, we’ll be asking you what your wants and desires are out of a potential solar system. We need to know the whether or not you’d like a supplement to your energy, or a total overhaul.


Our first step will be to do an in-depth on site analysis. We’ll take into account roof dimensions, pitch, and azimuth (orientation to the sun), as well as total receivable sunshine in your geological area, the shade on your property, and coldest conditions expected. – Did you know that solar panels will produce more in lower temperatures? A sunny cold day actually produces more power than a hot sunny day. Simple things like this add to the calculations we must do to match equipment sizes. Most importantly, we can then instruct you, the customer, of the potential energy your property can absorb, along with the array size needed to offset your needs.


After everything is taken into consideration, the hard part begins. – Building, designing, and sourcing your solar panels, racking, inverters, cables, conduit, and all other materials needed to build your solar system.


Our company is insured and bonded. Superior Trades Services has over 70+ years of shared experience in the electrical field.

Save Money On Your Energy Bill

FortisBC only allows a small amount of energy to be used per household before they increase the price per kWh by over 50%. Everyone has experienced a shock in the past when we open up our energy bill which was a lot higher than expected.

This is simply your BEST way to fight back against rising energy costs. The cost for energy increases every single year, but your solar panel installation is a one time set up fee.

Furthermore, most panels come with a 20-30 year warranty, and continue to last for years after that. Depending on your solar size, cost, and your annual power consumption, you can see a return on investment in 10-15 years.

Based on an average of 3.50% utility cost increase per year…

Average $75 Monthly Bill

After 15 year you’ll have spent $17,768.62

After 25 years you’ll have spent $35,790.16

After 35 years you’ll have spent $61,920.00

Average $150 Monthly Bill

After 15 year you’ll have spent $35,537.23

After 25 years you’ll have spent $72,581.92

After 35 years you’ll have spent $122,426.52

Average $250 Monthly Bill

After 15 year you’ll have spent $59,228.72

After 25 years you’ll have spent $119,303.20

After 35 years you’ll have spent $204,044.19

It’s really hard to believe that we’ll be paying this much for energy over our lifetime. Now you can understand how much of a great financial decision a solar installation is?

FortisBC utilizes net metering. To put it simply, any extra energy you generate will be given to FortisBC, and they’ll credit your account in return.

Invest In The Future

Investing in solar isn’t only an investment into yourself and your wallet. It’s an investment into the future of our family, friends, kids, neighbors, and everyone else that shares this planet with us. You can reduce both your greenhouse gas emissions and carbon footprint with a properly sized solar array system!

By installing a solar system, you’ll be showcasing your community leadership. Best of all, you can take pride in knowing you’re benefiting the planet as a whole.

Talk with our certified Solar Installer!


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